Tech Turmoil: OpenAI Investors Contemplate Legal Action Amid CEO’s Sudden Dismissal

Hey folks, you won’t believe the latest buzz around OpenAI! Some investors, you know, those behind the brains of ChatGPT, are actually considering taking legal action against the company’s board. Insider sources spilled the tea to Reuters on Monday, right after the directors booted out CEO Sam Altman and there’s talk of a significant exodus […]

When I stepped into the latest Macs store, here are my initial thoughts.

My initial thoughts on the recently added Macs to the store. The MacBook Pro and iMac models, powered by the M3 chip, have made their way into Apple’s retail stores. I had the opportunity to discreetly explore these new machines at my local store. Contrary to previous discussions, there don’t seem to be features that […]

Mark Zuckerberg Unleashes WhatsApp’s Potentials for an AI-Driven Metaverse


Mark Zuckerberg had made some promises when Facebook acquired WhatsApp for approximately billions of dollars nearly a decade ago. The CEO of Facebook promised not to tamper with the chat software too frequently, protecting a positive development. Even though WhatsApp connected over two billion users worldwide, Mr. Zuckerberg remained committed to that mission. However, in […]